Due to the outcome of the last Presidential election, I went to the Women’s March in Dallas and was inspired. I looked around my city and decided that while I couldn’t change the politics in Washington I could change the politics in my city. So I ran in the election for Mayor of Carrollton as one of The Texas Democratic Party’s Project Lift endorsed Candidates. In a 10-week long campaign, with no experience and very little money, I received 23% of the vote against two very Republican candidates.

During my campaign, I helped to raise our city’s 287g agreement with ICE as one of the major issues of the election, along with LGBTQ rights, the fight against school vouchers and many other topics that the city council had failed to address. With the help of many great volunteers, we targeted and inspired many people to vote for the first time in a municipal election. This meant that for the first time in years, the Tea Party did not control the tone of the election cycle in Carrollton.

After the election, I realized I needed to continue the momentum of my campaign and move on to state level, where I can make real change in our current political environment and in the lives of Texans in my district.

I am a small-business owner who attended public schools in Carrollton and graduated from Texas A&M. I realize that our state laws need to protect Texans and improve our quality of life. We need to stop creating unconstitutional and discriminatory laws which needlessly cost our state billions of dollars defending lawsuits and in lost business revenues. We need to change the way the state legislature acts, and I hope you will join me in my campaign for Texas Representative of House District 65.